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16.06.2015 14:56 Age: 2 yrs

Do you want to be bullet proof?

Build a Plan

Who doesn't want to ensure an error proof system?  The most effective plan is an offsite backup. When compared to a local sync, it offers much more protection. This option can protect you from theft, fire, and flood on top of the other incidents outlined earlier. Storm suggests an offsite backup to protect and insulate you from any and all data loss situations/scenarios.

Storm is obsessed with the protection of your data. That's why we follow industry best practices to ensure its safety. Files are transferred via secure sockets layer (SSL) to our server farm. Data is stored on your own server – you are not one user of many on a backup server. Each unit contains dual enterprise-grade hard drives capable of 1.7 million hours (20 years) of run time and connected to a battery backup. At the end of update, you'll also receive a detailed email report listing what was completed.

This service can support Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Actual data is backed up, not proprietary file formats. All backups are automated and occur nightly. Only changed data is updated, meaning backups run fast and efficiently. All of this is completed for a $300 setup and $55/month service. 1 TB in size and ultimate security make it one of the most robust options on the market. Keep in mind you're not using some American 3rd party service. You're leveraging a local provider that you could drive to whom you could drive if you wanted to have an in person meeting.

Customized routines are also available but, most clients enjoy the existing option. We've even begun to support some municipalities around Saskatchewan. Town of Biggar had this to say:

In today’s data hungry world you can never be over prepared when it comes to disaster recovery.   We were in search for an offsite backup to work in addition to our USB onsite backup through MuniSoft and we were introduced to Storm Applied Technologies.   Working in partnership with both MuniSoft and Storm Applied Technologies, we currently have both an onsite and offsite backup that run every evening.   Every morning we get a confirmation email on the status of the successful offsite backup or if incomplete, we receive an explanation on the reason  and then we can resolve the issue for future backups.  Customer support has been fantastic and we would recommend Storm Applied Technologies for your municipality's offsite backup provider.