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23.04.2015 10:24 Age: 2 yrs

Who are you? A New Approach to Market Segments in North America

By: Brad Zakreski

There's a new type of market segment analysis for North America. Marketing Departments are dividing us into five groups of audiences. They are:

BROADCAST RECEIVERS are heavy radio listeners and average TV viewers. But they are not doing much online, in terms of media.

SOCIALITES are very into social media, and get much of their news online. But the Internet is not their only media pipe. They watch TV and use print media at average levels. Their radio use is low.

MEDIA MANIACS absorb all the media they can, all the time. They use social media and absorb news online, plus they draw on all the traditional media at high levels too.

WATCHERS are heavy TV watchers, and they get some news online, but they are not particularly into social media or radio.

MEDIA SKEPTICS are not spending much time with media, compared to other.

With these divisions Madmen and women will match these characteristics to purchase decisions and general consumer behavior.  They will analyze and critique how these various audiences operate to develop highly specialized advertising campaigns.  Their main goal:  sell more products.