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16.06.2015 14:53 Age: 2 yrs

Data Doesn't Take a Holiday

Many businesses operate through their computers daily – very similar to driving your vehicle to work. However, many of us don't take the time to insulate ourselves from incidents. A majority of people surveyed do carry a roadside assistance plan. Without the service, you could experience some significant downtime. The same applies to your computers. When you have a virus, hard drive breakdown, software corruption, or hardware failure you're losing time to complete your work and that costs you money! Although Storm aims to insulate you from these dependencies with great hardware, the world isn't perfect. The best solution is a solid plan.

Storm recommends following a backup routine. Unfortunately, most of us are too busy and can't remember to make it a priority. This is why automation is the best plan. A good start is to use some software that will automate a backup to an external drive or USB stick. The software Storm has found to be the most effective is Synkron. It can automate daily or weekly, to sync single files or multiple folders. The best part is the software is open source. You can probably set it up with an hour of time. Storm is also available to configure this for you.