You name the hardward you need, Storm Applied Technologies supplies business class systems. We've access to almost any technology you need or can imagine. Following an average life span of 5 years, a new computer can run your accounting program or a tablet can expediate your point of sale. Feel free to contact us for our opinion. All consultations are free. We'll determine your business needs and find the best way to maximize your budget.

Computers featuring the "Storm Build"

Storm builds new custom systems backed by over 20 years of experience, and our software expertise maximizes the hardware's potential. In fact, many users find more than enough power and great value by purchasing a refurbished PC from our trusted supplier, Renewed Technology - check out their latest specials.


Whether you need simple file sharing or a document management system, Storm's CYCLONE servers give you a powerful hybrid cloud computing environment.

Upgraded Hardware

Enterprise hard drives last twice as long as consumer drives

Twin hard drives protect against hardware failure

Extra cooling to extend lifespan

Sensors for early detection & prevention

Highly Secure

Linux-based Operating System

Encrypted file system

Protected behind firewall

User & group management

Remote Access

Access your files securely from anywhere in the world

Automatic Backups

Scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly

Only backup the data that's changed, to save bandwidth

Works with any computer or operating system

  • "Storm delivers on their promises and always persevere to find solutions to problems that arise.  They took the time to learn our property management system so they could better understand how things needed to work for us."

    -Cari Lemieux, General Manager Days Inn Regina