Never Worry About Viruses, Ransomware, or Disaster Ever Again

Storm's Offiste Backups provide safety for your Data

There are 2 types of people:  Those who have lost their data, and those who haven't ... yet.   Storm wants to collaborate with you to ensure you don't experience data loss.  All your family's digital photos, electronic assignments at school, music, and video libraries are backed up daily. You won't have to worry about running manual backups and switching drives or creating libraries of DVDs.  You can take comfort in employing Storm's offsite backups to grow your memories - and the rows in your spreadsheets - with confidence that everything is safely and automatically backed up to your own private server in Canada.



Features At-A-Glance

  • Easy Automated Backups

    Nightly backups run even if nobody is logged on, as long as your computer is turned on.
  • 100% Private

    Your data is encrypted before transfer and then stored on a real server - not virtual - dedicated only to you.
  • Multiple Drives

    Dual enterprise hard drives will run for 1.2 million hours, and are connected to a battery backup.
  • Firewalled

    Only you can access your server - not even Storm can connect to your server outside our office.
  • Email Reports

    Well formatted, written in plain English, and viewable on any device.
  • 24/7 Support

    Our technical support team is available 24/7 and situated right beside the servers to keep a watchful eye.
  • Natural Disaster Free Zone

    Your server is housed in (central) Saskatchewan, Canada, which is a natural disaster free area.
  • Canadian

    Canada is a world leader in privacy legislation, and an ideal location for hosting business-critical data.
  • Low Bandwidth

    Incremental backups transfer only modified data so that backups run fast, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Collaborate with Storm for Paranoid Protection

Potential Cause of Data Loss

Protection Strategy

Theft Nightly Offsite Backup
Natural Disaster Nightly Offsite Backup
Hardware failure Multiple hard drives (included)
Human Error Weekly/Monthly Archive (included)
Virus Nightly Offsite Backup
Ransomware Nightly Offsite Backup





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Storm's Offsite Backups are Easy to Use

The true value of a backup system is not its ability to save files, but rather to restore them. When disaster strikes from hardware damage, viruses, ransomware, etc you need to know that your files can be restored quickly and without requiring proprietary software. 


Storm's offsite backups are nothing more than an encrypted copy and paste from one server to another. Restoring is just as simple ... we just do it all in a very fast, stable and secure way.




Backup Your Entire Office

Windows, Mac, Linux ... just install a small program on your system(s) and transfer data to your own backup server. Actual data is backed up, without using a proprietary file format. Automated incremental backups occur nightly, meaning only changed data is backed up so that backups run fast, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Archiving is included (if desired) to take a weekly, monthly, or quarterly snapshots.

All Done Before Breakfast

Start your day with an emailed report that gives you a snapshot of what took place during the nightly offsite backup. Whether you need just the facts, or a file-by-file explanation, reports are well formatted, written in plain English, and viewable on any device.

  • "In today’s data hungry world you can never be over prepared when it comes to disaster recovery... Working [with] Storm Applied Technologies we currently have both an onsite and offsite backup that run every evening. Every morning we get a confirmation email on the status of the successful offsite backup or if incomplete, we receive an explanation on the reason and then we can resolve the issue for future backups. Customer support has been fantastic and we would recommend Storm Applied Technologies for your offsite backup provider."

    -Marty Baroni, Assistant Administrator, Town of Biggar

  • "The Town of Strasbourg’s municipal office was needing offsite data storage, and I was given a recommendation to use Storm Applied Technologies as the provider. From the first email to the last, the whole process went incredibly smooth and I was very much impressed by the professionalism and the team that assisted with the setup. I received continuous updates on the setup progress and any issues that arose were handled promptly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Storm Applied Technologies as an offsite data storage provider. The cost was reasonable and the service impeccable; you will not be disappointed."

    -Jenn Josephson, Administrator, Town of Strasbourg