23% year over year growth.
61% activation from blog recommendations.
95% of all purchases by 2040.

e-Commerce gives your business a 24-hour store front, but an empty or poorly personalized system can cost hundreds of billions of dollars in lost sales. Storm built Windfall to give all businesses a system that could be tailored to their unique needs, backed by powerful features.

With $5 trillion in global e-commerce sales per year, let's get your share..



A Fully-Managed Alternative to Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace

Pound-for-pound, Windfall matches up against any of the .com competitors with attractive low monthly rates:

  • 24/7 support
  • Searchable product database with variants, categories, and tagging
  • Sales, clearance items, promo codes
  • Seamless checkout integrated to your payment gateway
  • Web site search, filters, galleries, and detailed views
  • Go completely paperless with a digital order, invoice, and customer database
  • Customer portal for returning loyal customers
  • Payment types, shipping methods, product brands
  • Sales reports

But, where many leave off, Windfall is just getting started:

  • Relationships. E-commerce is far too significant to "set it and forget it". Storm offers a dedicated project manager who gets to know your business
  • Integration. Windfall can serve as your website, your inventory management, your customer database, your point of sale hardware
  • Customization. Probably its most popular feature, Windfall is backed by a team of developers and support staff who can tailor it to your exact need
  • Design. Every Windfall system is

Valuable Add-on's

Connect an intake form for efficient administration and/or contactless check-in. Add a feedback survey after the sale and encourage reviews. Pair your promos with your advertising campaigns. Connect to social media channels to showcase products or host live stream demos.