Storm provides basic complimentary training with all our custom-built systems.

Maximize your investment with in-house, hands-on training for both off-the-shelf software or custom applications.

Having degrees in marketing, human resources and computer science, our team possesses the theory behind the technology you use. Our experience provides proven applications of various types of technology. Combined with a genuine desire to teach and ensure you understand your system(s), Storm Applied Technologies is your one-stop shop for staying on top of trends in IT.

Training Tailored to the Way You Learn

It is our solemn pledge to ensure you are able to properly utilize the technology in which you have invested your time and money so that you may maximize your resources. As an added free service for our loyal clients, we offer a library of empowering tutorials.

Computer Usage & Maintenance

We provide basic complimentary training with all our custom-built systems.

Software Tutorials

All our software includes dashboards to access, among other features, tutorials. These tutorials are modeled around the training you receive with your system. If you need a small refresher or can't quite remember how to use a piece of software, just login and view a step-by-step or video-based manual.

Personalized Training

There is no more prudent training than in-house. When you need to train an entire department on a new process, or train the trainer, enter Storm. We will research new technologies, develop training materials, and deliver a custom program in your environment. We have been proven to implement systems and train staff at a lower cost than going direct to the vendor, including transportation costs. Moreover, our staff is always available for follow-up assistance.

Our staff has given software demonstrations, tutorials for custom designed corporate databases, and designed and taught course material (including manuals) for software packages to audiences of all ages across Canada.  Training is not simply about providing information ... It's about understanding and bridging communication gaps.  Our facilitations capture user attention and engage their mind.

  • "I was particularly impressed by their strong communication skills.  They showed very strong organizational and management abilities, were very orderly, and had the ability to learn quickly.  If anything, Storm was at times too eager to complete tasks successfully and quickly, which ultimately serves as proof of their dedicated ambition to succeed and excel."

    -George Marshall, CEO SHSA

  • "I was told I did really well is selecting the team building event and I've out done myself in the last event compared to the past events.  I was told it will be really difficult to top this in the future.  I have quite a few people outside our group in finance ask about it as well the other directors were interested."

    -Jason Meyer, CGA


  • "Storm knows how to take direction appropriately. They consistently work through problems and
    recommend a variety of creative alternatives whenever possible. At the appropriate time, they
    demonstrate leadership and drive projects to completion. I would absolutely recommend and plan on
    purchasing their consulting services again in the future."

    -Jeffrey Desarno, CTO Westman Communications