Whether you're adding new workstations or remodeling, Storm can provide connectivity for any peripheral in your office.

Decades of Experience

From PETs, to 286s, to 440BXs to i7's, we've worked on them all. Contact us for:

  • Cabling
  • Securing networks
  • Customizing wireless firewalls/routers/switches
  • Network monitoring


A Blueprint for Your Office

Before any computer is turned on, Storm designs a network map that inventories all devices and traces all cables.
Network issues - if any - are easily pinpointed, and future components are added with ease.

Keep it Running Like New

Storm has built a reputation through our combined years of knowledge, on-site experience, and supplemental support of enterprise networks. There is no better team to plan new systems, diagnose/optimize existing environments, or safely recover from disaster.

Hardware to get you Started

Tablet PCs

What if you never needed to use paper again? What if you could work from anywhere you want? Tablet PC's have the power and size of a laptop with the utility and fun factor of today's popular tablets. The invaluable tool of graphics professionals is also the ultimate power device of business and students ... at a low price that will surprise you.


Storm Applied Technologies doesn't carry inventory, so we don't have to worry about the frequent drops in tech prices. Plus, we are always on the cutting edge, so we can tailor a system to your exact needs. At the same time, we offer best-of-breed systems that are just outside the current model year - you'll immediately save hundreds and carry a computer that will last for years. A 1 year old computer with a Storm build consistently outperforms new models.


Mobilize your staff and save time with custom tablet systems from Storm Applied Technologies. Combined with software designed by our in-house programmers, a tablet can become a kiosk, workflow tool, or electronic portfolio.

Software to get you Results

Our Trademark "Storm Build"

The software that comes pre-packaged with most PCs is either trial-based, consumes too many resources, or is inefficient. Storm's approach is to "build" a system from the ground-up: from the lowest level of setting up the hard drive, to optimizing the operating system, to installing and configuring proven stable software. We guarantee you will notice a smooth, reliable package with every custom build.

Add-ons include an extensive library of software that will fulfill every need. Storm wants to ensure that you are confident with your newly built system and as such, we include complimentary basic training to help you get started under the new configuration.

Portable Kiosks

The computers in public buildings, hotels, and temporary offices are used by many users on a daily basis. To ensure privacy and prevent outages, Storm builds kiosks that contain a blazing fast operating system with the ability to wipe themselves clean with every reboot. Viruses are solved with a reboot. User browsing history is completely flushed with a reboot. With a small footprint, the software can run on low-powered devices, and still contain a full library of software for a multimedia-rich user experience.

  • "They liaised with another firm to bring corporate printing into my campaign office.  They delivered computer kiosks.  Not only were the systems reliable, but my entire office was outfitted for less than the cost of purchasing a single computer!"

    -Louis A. Browne, Willows Wellsch Orr & Brundige LLP